Manufacturing In A Safer Environment

Manufacturing In A Safer Environment

A Few Ways To Avoid Emergency Oil Deliveries

by Enrique Griffin

If you het your home with oil you kow it is not an endless supply to your home. You will need to have a tank somewhere in the yard to hold the oil (it can even be underground). This means that if the tank runs dry you will have to contact an oil delivery company for an emergency delivery. Since it is an unplanned stop, it is going to cost you an extra fee. In addition, you probably are not going to get the best price possible. To avoid the extra cost, and ensure your family does not wake up to a freezing house, here are a few tips.

Automatic Delivery Service

Most oil companies offer an automatic delivery service. They will set up a routine delivery date for your home. This can be weekly, monthly, or whatever timeframe is necessary to keep your tank from running dry. Because you have an agreement with the company, they often charge a lower rate than they do for the people who call whenever. In addition, if you are not going to be home – perhaps you went to visit relatives or on a ski vacation – there will always be oil in the tank to keep the house and pipes from freezing while you are away.

Keep Accurate Records

If for some reason you do not want an automaticdelivery contract, you need to keep accurate records of your oil usage. This means that you have to have a way of mearuing how much oil is in the tank. Some tanks will have a meter on them, but it is still a good idea to take a physical measurement regularly. You can use a clean metal rod to measure the oil, sort of like checking the oil in your car. It is also important to keep track of every oil delivery. Make a note of the date, time and amount of each delivery. Any time there is a dip in the weather, even if only overnight, be sure to check your oil. You could have used more than normal and run out before you anticipate it. Of course, it is always a good idea to call for a delivery long before the tank is empty. Not only will this ensure you do not run out, it gives you time to arrange for the company to come out without it being an emergency call.

Keep in mind that oil delivery companies are very busy during the cold weather. They might not be able to get to you for a day or so unless you are willing to pay for an emergency delivery. Either have an automatic service contract, or make sure you keep your tank topped off all the time. You wouldn't wait to put gas in your car until the gas light comes on when you are going to be traveling a long stretch of deserted highway would you? For more information, contact companies like Fox Fuel Co.


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Manufacturing In A Safer Environment

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