Manufacturing In A Safer Environment

Manufacturing In A Safer Environment

Own Your Own Business? Hire A Commercial Electrician To Keep Your Business Successful

by Enrique Griffin

If you own your own business there are many things you must do to keep it running successfully from advertising to keeping the computers in good condition. One thing you may not have thought of is how electricity can help with this. To get you started, below are some things an electrician can do for you so your business will run smoothly and keep customers walking through your door.

Upgrade Electrical System

If your business has grown, you may need to upgrade your electrical system. For example, you may not have enough outlets for the equipment you have to plug in, such as computers. You may need more lighting if you have added more employees so they can see their desk or what it is they are doing.

If you have added a lot of new computers, servers, and any other electrical devices, your current electrical system may get overloaded. The electrician can make sure you have enough wattage to handle your electrical needs and make upgrades if you do not. They can do this by upgrading the electrical panel by rewiring and installing new circuit breakers.

If your current electrical system is old, such as if you purchased an old building, you need to have an electrician to do an inspection. Deteriorated wiring, burnt wires, etc., can be a fire hazard.

Install Security Lighting

If you do not currently have security lighting outside, you need to install some. This will keep you, your employees, as well as your customers safe. Security lighting also protects your business from thieves or from being broken into.

There are different types of security lighting you can install including:

  • Motion activated lighting: Motion activated lighting turns on when movement is present in a specific area. This saves you money on your electric bill because the lights are not on all the time.
  • Flood lights: Flood lights light up a wide area. These lights do stay on all the time unless you flip the switch and turn them off. To save money, purchase solar flood lights. Instead of using electricity they use the sun to get their power. In most cases, solar flood lights do not require any type of wiring making them easy to install.
  • Timer security lighting: This lighting has a timer that you set to have the lights come on automatically at a certain time each day. You may want to consider setting the lights to come on at dusk and then turn off at dawn.

Talk to an electrician like Albarell Electric Inc about other things they can do for your electrical needs.


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Manufacturing In A Safer Environment

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