Manufacturing In A Safer Environment

Manufacturing In A Safer Environment

Smooth Surfaces With Structural Stability - Caring For Your Concrete

by Enrique Griffin

Perhaps no material is stronger or more versatile in its uses than concrete. Serving as the backbone of the construction industry, a concrete surface can take a pounding from both industrial and foot traffic and be left as strong and aesthetically appealing as the day it was installed. However, even concrete has some maintenance concerns that you should be aware of.

Below, you'll find a guide to some steps you should take to allow your concrete surface to remain smooth and strong. Following these suggestions should help guarantee that you receive the performance you desire, and can allow you to avoid unsightly or inconvenient crumbling and cracking.

Avoid Chemicals

There are a variety of chemical applications which may end up being used on or near your concrete surface that you should reevaluate. Perhaps the most common is ice melt. In wintery months, it's understandable to want to clear away any potential slip and fall hazards, but ice melting chemicals can cause unsightly pockmarks in concrete which may develop into serious damage.

Other cleaning products may have the same effect if they aren't specially designed for concrete. Even when mixing household yard products, cleaning products, or other common consumer items, make an attempt to utilize a drop cloth that will keep your floor protected from spills.

Consider Weight Limitations

When most people think of concrete, they may not consider weight as much of a concern. However, like anything else, a concrete surface may be at risk of damage if a consistently strong force is applied to a vulnerable spot.

Sudden drops of heavy materials may also substantially increase the cracking risk, making your concrete less safe and more unsightly. Be sure to consult with your concrete surface to determine what the maximum weight absorption of your concrete pad is, and be careful when dropping items from heights that may cause substantial force upon contact.

Regular Washing

The buildup of contaminants and threats to your surface may happen both quietly and quickly. Both indoor and outdoor concrete alike can be at risk of imbibing dust and dirt, especially if it isn't properly sealed. Regular washing and vigorous scrubbing is necessary to make sure your concrete surface maintains the finish it was designed to have. You should be careful, however, about utilizing tools like power washers, as the intensity of the spray could actually cause more damage and leave you with cracks in a surface which may not have previously existed.

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Manufacturing In A Safer Environment

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