Manufacturing In A Safer Environment

Manufacturing In A Safer Environment

How To Add Some Style To Your Gates

by Enrique Griffin

The gates tend to wear down quicker than the rest of a fence, especially in high traffic areas. You can update your gates stylistically in a couple of simple ways. Here are 2 easy ways to change the look of your gate and fence.

Repaint the Gate and Whole Fence

Repainting the whole fence and gate can be a significant process. That is, it is time consuming and requires a fair amount of labor, but it is fairly cheap. The great thing about a new paint job is that it can serve to further protect and reinforce your gate and fence. This is a particular concern if you have a wooden fence that is subject to water damage and termites, or a metal fence that is subject to rusting. Usually, just painting directly on top of the existing paint finish will not suffice. You need to do prep work and fix any serious decay before apply a new coat of paint if you want your job to be worthwhile. Think of it as "refinishing" your fence, not just "repainting" it.

Refinishing a wooden fence is much easier, because the materials are so much more affordable and easy to use. In fact, wood refinishing is a popular DIY project. Metal refinishing, which usually requires welding and grinding, is more specialized work. It is, therefore, more expensive because you need to hire a contractor to do the work.

Regardless of the structural integrity of your fence or what material it is made out of, a new paint job can drastically change how it looks. It will look newer and more stylish at once. However, it will also change the entire dynamic of your property. You need to think about how your fence color coordinate with the rest of your property and building colors.

Adding or Changing the Post Caps

Many gates have a rudimentary, square design when it comes to the majority of the slats and posts. They are then adorned with decorative post caps that truly define the style of the entire fence. Does you fence not even have post caps, or are the existing caps old and outdated? If so, you can easily installed new post caps for a quick and low-cost way to change your entire gate style. Post caps are universally-size, so you will have to measure your posts and shop for correctly sized products.

If you repaint you gate, and install new post caps, your entire property style will improve. Talk with a company like Incom Inc for more advice.


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Manufacturing In A Safer Environment

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