Manufacturing In A Safer Environment

Manufacturing In A Safer Environment

Screenprinting Tees? Remember These Gas Cylinder Lift Tips

by Enrique Griffin

Your t-shirt business might rely on the screenprinting machines you use. Gas cylinder lifts, also called shocks or gas shocks, are vital components in those machines. Located on the rotary presses and exposure tables, noting and caring for these gas lifts is important if you want to keep printing your tees. Use these gas shock tips.

Keep Heat Down

Too much heat isn't good for most machines, as overheating can cause motor and gas cylinder lift failure. Therefore, attention to lubrication and other cooling techniques should be of concern on a frequent basis. For instance, if you have to pause t-shirt printing to allow a machine to cool off a bit, do so. The gas cylinder lifts can cool and remain safe.

Avoid Excess Weight

If you're storing boxes of plain tees on the machines because you're busy with something else or plan to use those boxes for an order soon, you could be putting too much weight on the gas shocks. This excess pressure could cause the lift casing to crack and that could endanger the lift's gas chamber. If that happens, the part could fail and you'll need to explore replacement costs so you can keep printing shirts.

Therefore, make sure that screenprinting machines are never covered with anything else. Even if you know weight limits for each of your machines, to avoid mistakes and accidents just keep the surface clear of anything except the shirts you're actively printing.

Look for Damage

When cleaning the machines, attention to the lifts and looking for damage to them is vital. In particular, corrosion and punctures could be most problematic for your gas cylinder lifts. Corrosion can eat at the lifts themselves, and punctures can alter pressure inside them and make them ineffective. That can then affect t-shirt printing. Therefore, inspecting the machines and the cylinder lifts is wise.

Monitor Employees

Anyone working with your printing machines should understand how essential gas shocks or lifts are; jerky arm movements and other actions which could compromise the lifts should be noticed and stopped. Keep an eye toward everyone working the screenprinting machines so you can stop and adjust bad behavior.

Gas cylinder lifts, such as from FSG Consulting LLC, keep your t-shirt printing machines working. Ensure you're working with machine experts, your workers and other industry managers to keep gas shocks in stock and working so you can keep printing the shirts that  you need for your business


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Manufacturing In A Safer Environment

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