Manufacturing In A Safer Environment

Manufacturing In A Safer Environment

Why Powder Coat Your Metal Pieces?

by Enrique Griffin

If you fabricate metal pieces for your business, no matter what they may be, you might be exploring different finishes. You may think about painting the completed pieces; if so, you should learn more about powder coating and how the process can benefit your pieces and your company. Some benefits of powder coating are explained below.


The powder used is a blend of resins and pigments, so powder coating is often used as an alternative to liquid paint. Just like liquid paint, you can get powder coating done in dozens of colors. In fact, you can order custom colors. As a result, your pieces will be eye-catching and beautiful. You can also select high-gloss or satin finishes to make the pieces even better. If you want, you can coordinate the colors you choose for the powder coating process with your company's various branding campaigns.

If your pieces are going to end-users, they will be delighted to see something other than plain gray metal when they receive their pieces. Your work will stand out better when compared to that of others.

Corrosion Prevention

Beauty isn't the only real benefit of powder coating. Because there is a barrier between your pieces and air and oxygen cannot reach the metal, your pieces are likely to be slower to corrode over time than unfinished metalwork. That can save money, because the pieces should last longer.

Greater Durability

In addition to not having to worry about rust when you've powder coated your metal, you may be happy to find out it's less likely to chip than liquid paint. Because the coating is thick, you'll find that coated pieces suffer less cosmetic damage from daily use than compromised, unfinished metal pieces. Powder coating creates pieces that are very low maintenance over time.


Liquid paint can take hours to complete, especially when you factor in drying times. By contrast, powder coating can be done in much less time. The coating is applied with an airgun-like tool that covers metal quickly and without much waste. In fact, in the proper environment the powder can be reused for other pieces so there is ultimately less waste involved.

Powder coating is a beautiful, smart way to finish off fabricated metal pieces because the process offers multiple benefits for you and clients. Discuss your projects with industrial painters who understand the metal you're working with and what coatings would be most beneficial. For more information, contact companies like Powder Coatings of Utah.


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Manufacturing In A Safer Environment

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