Manufacturing In A Safer Environment

Manufacturing In A Safer Environment

How To Choose A Boom Truck For Your Construction Site

by Enrique Griffin

Boom trucks are essential for a variety of construction projects, from building on rugged, unfinished land to reaching cramped spots on already-constructed structures. If you are looking to rent a boom truck, there are a few things you'll want to keep in mind. Use this guide to help determine which type of boom truck is right for your construction job.

Remote Operation

Some boom trucks feature all the necessary controls inside the cab, which can be convenient for some job sites. However, depending on where the crane portion of the truck needs to reach, the operator may not always have an unobstructed view from inside of the cab. To solve this issue, look for a boom truck with a remote boom control system. This helps to ensure proper placement of the boom without damaging the structure you are working on. Be sure to ask for the owner's manual when renting a boom truck so your operators know how to handle both the in-cab and remote control features. 

Boom Type

There are several different types of booms to choose from, and each one offers specific benefits. A telescoping boom can be used to reach substantial heights from a distance by extending forward in a nearly straight line. This can be useful when the truck can't be situated close to the structure you are working on, such as building bridges. For accessing hard-to-reach areas of a job site, consider an articulating boom instead. These booms feature several pieces that work together to create a zig-zag appearance. You can use this type of boom to reach rooftops in apartment complexes or the top of complex factory structures.

Outrigger Controls

Outrigger controls provide stability for the boom and the truck, helping to provide balance and stability. This is a great option for construction projects taking place on ground that isn't level, such as new construction on sites that do not have existing pavement or other flat surfaces for parking your boom truck. Be sure to ask about outrigger options before you rent a boom truck to ensure the vehicle can remain steady on your job site.

In some cases, you may need more than one boom type to complete your projects. Work with your crew to ensure you have the right piece of equipment for every aspect of your job, and compare different boom truck options to find the options that work best for you. Contact a company, like Prestige Dock Service, for more help.


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Manufacturing In A Safer Environment

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