Manufacturing In A Safer Environment

Manufacturing In A Safer Environment

Why Standards Matter With Cables

by Enrique Griffin

When something is listed as meeting military standards, or MIL-Spec, it means that the product is deemed to be of high quality, durability, and reliance. You need this type of product in your manufacturing business from the tiniest nut to the most supportive wires.

When it comes to military cables and MIL-Spec wiring, speculations matter — a lot. Learn why you should consider quality above all else when buying and using cables and why military speculations are the norm for you to follow.

You get tested durability

When a wire is deemed MIL-Spec, this means the wiring has gone through a heavy process to prove its heft, weight capabilities, and other benefits. Wires are often used to support strong beams or hold up heavy weights, and you want evidence backing up the strength of the cables and wires you use in your business.

A military cable will have not only the military's approval for your use around your business but the wiring itself is also likely to be backed up with scientific testing you can request from the manufacturer or read on the packaging itself. When you get tested durability, you know you have a product you can trust.

You get unbeatable quality

The military won't endorse or put their MIL-Spec approval on just any product. The wiring and cables must be as strong and expertly crafted as the military would expect of their own products in order to carry this honor. This means, when you buy something that is military spec approved, you get quality that is unmatched.

While many companies and brands will claim they carry the military specifications or have products that can carry the title, this doesn't mean the equipment you are considering actually does. Approval must come with a stamp and testing backing in order for an item to be labeled as MIL-Spec. Just because a cable or wire could pass this type of inspection doesn't mean it has, so take care when buying these parts for your warehouse so you only purchase quality.

When buying military standard equipment for your company, choose a business you can buy all your supplies from so you know everything you're purchasing is legitimate and of high quality. Your warehouse and industrial specialist will aid you in selecting the right wires and cables for construction and support needs so your business remains safe for you and all your employees. In all cases, buying MIL-Spec items is best.


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Manufacturing In A Safer Environment

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