Manufacturing In A Safer Environment

Manufacturing In A Safer Environment

3 Important Tips To Remember When Regularly Handling Fluorinated Polymers

by Enrique Griffin

Fluorinated polymers are incredible solutions that are resistant to basis, acids, and solvents. They're used in a lot of popular industries as well, but do require cautious handling because of their potentially toxic nature. If your operations deal with them on a regular basis, you'll want to handle them in the following ways. 

Maintain Sufficient Ventilation 

When these polymers are manipulated in certain ways — such as with heat — toxins can form. It's when these toxins don't have anywhere to escape and start accumulating that you have a potentially dangerous situation on your hands.

So that this never happens, you need to make sure your work area has proper ventilation. More specifically, there should be fans set up that can provide forced ventilation whenever fluorinated polymers are used on your work site. They'll remove all traces of gas and leave you with healthy, clean air.

Utilize Sealable Barrels 

When your fluorinated polymers are not currently in use, you don't just want them sitting out left waiting to be tampered with. You instead need to put them in a secure location until they're used again, and sealable barrels can serve this purpose perfectly. 

Once the polymers are stored and sealed in these barrels, they will no longer be a potential threat. You don't have to worry about environmental stimuli affecting them or worry about them ending up in the wrong hands. Just make sure the barrels are labeled appropriately, so that you don't confuse these polymers with something else.

Wear the Appropriate Safety Gear 

Direct exposure to fluorinated polymers when manipulated can be problematic from a toxin standpoint. That's why it's so important to protect yourself by wearing the appropriate safety gear. There are several items in particular you should consider investing in.

Full-coverage respirators can prevent you from breathing in any toxic gases. They are easy to set up and come in many sizes. To ensure your skin doesn't come in direct contact with these polymers, be sure to find a suitable pair of work gloves. They should be thick and potentially have adjustable wrist straps. This design ensures the gloves stay secure on your hands until you're finished handling these polymers.

The future is quite bright for fluorinated polymers, especially in the industrial and manufacturing industries. If you'll be around these polymers a lot at work, be sure you take the necessary precautions when handling them. Then, you can avoid a lot of severe and stressful complications. 


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Manufacturing In A Safer Environment

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