Manufacturing In A Safer Environment

Manufacturing In A Safer Environment

3 Reasons To Consider Plastic Injection Molding In Mexico

by Enrique Griffin

When you rely on plastic injection services to produce the parts you need to complete your manufacturing processes, you may have several domestic service providers to consider. However, more manufacturers lately have switched their supplier models to rely on plastic injection molding in Mexico. If you have not yet made the change, it is a good idea to consider the benefits of switching to one of these international service providers. Check out a few of the top reasons to consider plastic injection molding in Mexico. 

Get Access to a Skilled Workforce 

The plastics production industry in Mexico has grown by leaps and bounds over the last decade. And, due to the lower costs of production, many companies in other countries—even beyond the United States—now source their parts from suppliers of plastic injection molding in Mexico. Therefore, the employees and professionals in industrial facilities south of the border have extensive experience in their respective fields. Many companies find that the work quality of the molded pieces actually exceeds that of domestic companies simply because the workers have greater levels of experience. 

Rapid International Transport Options 

One thing that often deters companies from sourcing products from Mexico is the misconception that transport would be either time-consuming or a challenge. However, the U.S. and Mexico have rapid international transport methodologies that make it possible for transporting finished products to be a highly efficient process. Further, because the size of plastics injections companies in Mexico can be larger with a greater number of employees, it is not uncommon for work orders to be completed at a rapid pace. Therefore, you should not face any impediments due to having to wait longer for your parts to be completed and shipped. 

Save on the Overall Costs of Plastic Parts Production 

By far, the biggest reason for working with a plastics injection company in Mexico is the reduced cost. Plants in the U.S. can face greater operational costs due to more stringent regulations and higher required wages for employees. The cost of living in Mexico tends to be lower than in the U.S., which means labor is cheaper due to livable wage differences. It is not uncommon for a manufacturer to discover that switching to a Mexican supplier saves a substantial percentage on the overall costs of what they need. Therefore, if you are looking for an option to help cut production costs for your own manufactured products, making the change may be a highly feasible option. 

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Manufacturing In A Safer Environment

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